Logan is testing a solution to the problem of justifying involuntary taxation to pay for the proper functions of government without opposing the initiation of force.


If the growth of Objectivism rests with people reading a 1,200 page book then Objectivism's potential will always be limited. It would be a tremendous benefit to the spread of Objectivism if there was a one page summary of principles. This would be similar to the Declaration of Independence and in fact could be called "The Declaration of Liberty". What should it say?
Projects proposed or in development:


Logan is developing a theory to reconcile the fact that "long term self interest" is composed of two separate vectors: length of life and degree of happiness during life. Sometimes these are at odds with each other. The goal is to create a unified theory that guides people to maximize their happiness through understanding the best trade-off ratio for themselves.


Why do certain philosophies spread quickly and widely while others languish amongst a small percentage of the population? What can we do to help Objectivism spread faster and wider in the world. Should we add ceremonies, holidays, traditions, articles of jewelry or clothing? These are some of the things that people find attractive in other philosophies/religions even when they disagree with the underlying principles of those philosophies/religions. If we add great principles + great packaging perhaps we will have the winning formula!


Might we sway people of other ideologies, such as conservatives and liberals, more successfully if we focus the debate on most political issues around the question of "is force involved?"      Thus, Social Security is wrong not because of the terrible rate of return but because people are forced into it. Public art is wrong not because it is ugly but because people are forced to pay for it. The minimum wage is wrong not because it causes unemployment but because it involves force. Force is the trump card. If we make force the central criterion by which to filter any political issue we will have won a million political battles in one stoke. If conservatives or liberals adopt force as the central issue they will do the work of Objectivism even without adopting the rest of the philosophy. Thus we will leverage the vast resources of the conservative and/or liberal movements to promote Objectivist ideas.


If Objectivists ran the federal government how small would the budget be? How low would taxes be as a result? How much would the economy thrive as a result of low taxes? These are very strong selling points which could win over people unmoved my the ethical reasons for supporting minimum government.


Objectivism is a series of interconnected ideas. Having these connections clarified through the use of a flow chart can help in several ways. First, it can help Objectivists solidify their unerstanding of the philosophy. Second, for those new to Objectivism or those opposed to Objectivism, it can act as a teaching tool. In other words you can say "point to the part you disagree with or don't understand". The Objectivist Center is developing just such a flow chart.


If Objectivist organizations want to spread Objectivism they need feedback on what is working and what isn't so they can adjust their strategies and tactics appropriately. An annual survey of 1,500 people would provide scientifically accurate feedback but only if the right questions are asked. What questions should be asked?


Government, outside it's proper functions, is a negative like garbage, cancer and crime.        There are entire industries devoted to getting rid of negatives: the sanation industry lead by Waste Management, cancer treatment industry lead by Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the security industry lead by Brinks Security.  Why can't we figure out a way to make money by reducing government.  Logan's idea: A pay for results contract: if you get rid of Law X or Tax Y I'll allow you to charge my credit card $X.  Also, credit cards where a portion of each purchase goes to government reduction companies.