1. LOCATION: It should be held in central location with easy parking

2. SCHEDULING: Sunday afternoon is easiest for most people.

3. CONTENT: Give people what they want—intellectually stimulating Objectivist content.

4. PROMOTION:  Have someone in charge of regular online promotion through: other clubs, FaceBook, CraigsList, MeetUp, YahooGroups, GoogleGroups, etc.

5. REGULARITY : The group should always meet on the same day, at the same time and in the same locatioon to keep it easy on people with our busy lives.

6. FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE: Like the song to the TV show "Cheers", we want to go to a place where "everyone knows our name." I encourage you to greet people by name as they arrive. We can wear name tags so that we can easily refer to each other. I want everyone to debate in a friendly, intellectual manner not with a scorched-earth approach. The goal is to search for the truth not simply to counter someone else.

7. VOLUNTEERS: I am hoping that people will volunteer to lead discussions, social events and activist projects. The more people that contribute, the richer the experience for all.

8. COMPENSATION: Since organizing an event, even the regular monthy meetings is time consuming I suggest that everyone that organizes an event receive $2 from each attendee. It's not a lot of money but symbolizes each persons appreciation to the organizer and provides a partial reimbursement for the time and financial costs of organizing something. It provides a slight incentive system to promote popular events. To get your $2 back just organize an event yourself. The more "customers" you get the more money you make. It's only a fraction of the cost of going to a movie and hopefully much more rewarding.